Entry: I am all at sea. Friday, November 17, 2006

Tomorrow I board a plane and leave my midwestern locale for about two weeks.  My Uncle Chip invited me to go on a week long cruise in the Western Caribbean.  It's totally free of charge excepting the cost it takes to get me down to the port of departure and the cost of all the gambling and drinking I intend to partake in.  After said cruise I'm going to be spending time with my Dad in St Petersburg for a few days and I'm looking forward to it to no end.

When I return, not only will I be tanner AND fatter than I was when I left, I wil be 23.  I will be at sea both for Thanksgiving and my birthday.

It occurs to me though that not everyone could partake in an event like this.  Barring the fact that this is costing me basically nothing, most people would be held down with work or school or other responsibilities that would keep them.  And it's funny really, because even now that I've become a College Graduate (I've got a piece of paper in a frame and EVERYTHING!!) now that I have things like due dates and homework behind me...I don't often remember that OTHER people still have obligations that go beyond my needing to pay for rent and food every month. 

Some small part of me thinks that because I'm done with school work, now everyone else is too.  Because I don't have to, no one else will ever again. 

I think some small part of me thought that it would be summer forever. 
I still wish it could be.

So long, Space Cowboy....


November 19, 2006   06:31 PM PST
So THAT'S where you went! I thought you got kidnapped!

I guess that means I can stop wearing pants now, though.
November 18, 2006   01:28 AM PST
I forgot to type my name in that last one.
November 18, 2006   01:27 AM PST
I wish it was still summer too :(

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