Entry: Lamentations of those who never sleep. Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's starting to happen again.

I can't sleep. 
Or rather I CAN sleep.  I can FALL asleep.  The beginnings of sleep, perhaps.  But, I'm then interrupted, awoken by something or another.  I keep waking up.  Multiple Times.  I can't STAY asleep

Lately it's my dreams.  Horrible...violently bloody dreams that disturb me simply for having the capacity to dream them.  It's what wakes me up in fits and starts, and keeps me up this morning.

I've heard that if you write down your dreams as soon as you can after you wake up, you begin to remember your dreams easier and more often.  So...what should I do if I want to forget them as soon as possible, but can't get them out of my head?  Perhaps writing them down might erase them from my head, as they would have been transferred from one medium to another, from brain to paper.  It's flawed logic at best, but that's something I think I specialize in these days.

I think I'm getting moody as a result of my lack of sleep as well.  And I think that's already been happening, just in slow enough increments that I didn't really notice.  I don't like being moody, especially because I think it affects my effects on other people more than I would like.  I don't especially consider myself a moody person, but I have been known to swing one or another on certain occasions.  That's only heighted by what's going on now.

Also, it's strange, but lately I'm unduly warm under my covers.  I'm going to try turning the heat down, but I really don't think that it was that hot to begin with.  This is where I insert a joke about my natural hot-ness, but given the situation, I think I'm allowed to skip it for right now. 

Ok, that's it, there's nothing substantial here, this post is just to help me pass some time until I think I can fall back asleep.

Heh, and it's no wonder people keep telling me that I look tired.


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