Entry: Trying to NOT pick up where I left off Saturday, December 09, 2006

Something I don't find amusing is that a fear of speaking will lead to miscommunication problems soon afterwards.  What I DO find amusing is, that no matter what, it seems that the truth will eventually reveal itself and people will communicate, well and truly.  It's just how one deals with the situation after the fact.

And with that I have to laugh.  Because I don't think there's anything else to do. 

Here I am, a (repeatedly aforementioned) College Graduate, working at a resturant bemoaning the fact that I'm not doing anything.  I complain that I don't have anyone to hang out with, but I don't make many plans with many people.  I worry that I'm not doing well as an actor because I haven't found any agents or auditions, but I haven't been looking THAT hard. The only thing I've been doing is sitting on my ass waiting to hear back from talent agencies.  Since my own predicament is a DIRECT result of my own inactions, why not rectify it? 

And so this is why I laughed.  I am where I am right now, because of what I directly did (or DIDN'T) do.

So it goes.

Tonight I placed a smooth stone on the area of my desk reserved for important and meaningful things.  It sits between my lucky charm blessed by Buddhist Monks and my personalized liscence plate from St Thomas.  The funny thing is, it seemed to fit right in place, perfectly, without having to move a single thing.


December 10, 2006   08:40 PM PST
You're my favorite brian.

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