Entry: One must avoid distractions, not build shrines to them Saturday, December 16, 2006

It's true.  Only last night and this morning have I come to the realization that I've been distracted from the SINGLE reason that I moved out to Illinois in the first place.  I want to act.  I NEED to.  Otherwise I might as well just define myself by one word.  To be labeled a Server for the rest of my life is something I cannot fathom.

I got caught up.  Caught up in ways to pass the time in my apartment until something happened.  No more, active steps are direct and more beneficial. 

For some reason, it took some good conversation last night to start me out of my rut.  Well, that and some insanely inspirational writing from a comic book....(Christ, I'm a SUCH a nerd, I can't believe that I just admitted that.)  It was more in part to that great conversation, though. It makes sense that since bad moods are contagious, good moods are as well.  And I've been in a good mood since last night.  Finally.

Well, steps have been taken.  I'm starting out.  I'm registering for acting classes.  I talked to my second-cousin Todd who's going to help me out.  I'm going to talk to my friend Sherman and Second City and see if he can give me any leads for auditions.  I bought car insurance!! 

In talking with Todd though, I was even more reassured, simply because his friend, who works directly in Chicago theate-land, took a year to get her feet planted.  So...yeah. 

I feel alright, and I'll be alright.
I was affirmed in the fact that I know I have a network of people who love me, and are more than willing to support me with any help.  This is helping my homesick-ness a little bit. 

I wish I knew what I was doing for Christmas and New Years....


December 17, 2006   06:31 PM PST
you bought insurance yay!!!

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